16 Jan, 2015

activematters | Internal Quality Assurance Policy

The Lead Internal Verifier (IQA) will be responsible for ensuring that the assessments carried out are sufficient, valid, reliable and fair. Maintain ongoing record of all learners, their progress and achievement throughout the period of learning. Give support and guidance to tutors and assessors as and when required.

The Lead Internal Verifier’s responsibilities include: –

  1. Ensuring all assessors are occupationally competent and hold relevant and appropriate qualifications. Check original certificates and take copies to be kept on file for approval at Centre Advisor visits. 
  2. Identify further training and CPD needs of assessors and arrange training sessions as appropriate or recommend more formal training with an appropriate timescale attached.
  3. Ensure all assessors are taken through an induction session, outlining their roles and responsibilities and receive an assessor pack relevant to their Awarding Body standards.
  4. To Internally Verify the assignment briefs prior to course implementation.
  5. Monitor the assessment practice and procedures by sampling assessments decisions. This process will be dependent on several factors including: –
    • How new the qualification is
    • How experienced the assessor is
    • The level and length of the programme/qualification
    • The scope of the qualification
    • The number of learners attached to a particular assessor
    • That each unit, every assignment and every assessor is covered by the sampling strategy.

All Internal Verifiers will take these factors into account when devising an IV strategy/rationale. 

  1. Ensure that records of assessment are kept accurately and securely at all times.
  2. Ensure that all learners are given a clear outline of the course requirements during their induction sessions.
  3. Ensure the service equal opportunities policy is implemented.
  4. Provide guidance and feedback to all assessors/tutors and liaise with the awarding body through External Verifier/ Centre Advisor/Quality Review and Development advisor.
  5. Uphold the quality and standard of the qualification in line with NOS, QCF and Awarding Body Guidelines.
  6. To be responsible for assigning a qualified assessor to assessor candidates.
  7. To check, authenticate and countersign decisions made by Internal Verifier Candidates.
  8. To ensure their own knowledge competency is up to date, including their CPD.