16 Jan, 2015

activematters | Confidentiality Statement in Regard to Assessment

During the course of assessment, assessors are privy to certain pieces of confidential information in respect of the learner or service user, the following statement must be adhered to at all times by all assessors.

  • Confidential records must not be placed in a learners portfolio. 
  • If an assessor is given a confidential workplace document during the course of an assessment, this workplace document should be read and then the assessor should write a detailed direct observation about the document without identifying any service user, therefore preserving the service user’s privacy.
  • It must not be possible anywhere in the portfolio evidence to identify a service user including child, a young person, family member, carer or older service user.
  • The assessor at all times must be aware of when and when not to carry out any workplace assessment or direct observation.