16 Jan, 2015

activematters | Safeguarding Policy

Learner will be safeguarded while attending any course with activematters

Learners will be informed at the start of a course that they are free to discuss anything that they feel is relevant but if a matter arises where the tutor feels that it should be reported to a higher authority then it will be without the consent of the learner(s) but with their knowledge

If a learner does disclose it will be reported to the local authority depending on where the course is taking place, to the appropriate social services duty officer

If learners demonstrate any anti-social behaviour including any kind of discrimination and bullying towards other learners and the tutor has attempted to get this behaviour to cease without success the learner in question will be asked to leave

The named safeguarding officer for activematters is Zoe Wilson

All staff in direct contact with learners hold a current DBS