19 Jan, 2014

Early Movers Introduction

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has just published a new early years physical activity guide. This pack is designed to help early years practitioners plan and organise physically active play environments for children under five.

Written and collated by the BHF National Centre, the Early movers guide helps early years settings build on existing practices by supporting a whole setting approach to physical activity. It also provides innovative ideas to extend physical activity provision.

This guide is relevant to all settings who provide care to children from birth up to the age of five. It can also be used by professionals who provide support to settings, such as health improvement officers or early years advisers, where physical activity may be one element of a focus on healthy lifestyles.

What’s included?

Seven booklets for early years practitioners to help plan, organise and deliver physical activity with the under 5s

1. Early movers – An introduction to the guide Provides an overview of the content of the guide including a list of useful resources for further information and support.

2. Introduction to physical activity in the early years Includes the UK Physical Activity Guidelines for under-5s and explains how the guide supports UK early years curriculum areas of development.

3. Planning and organisation for early years managers Explains how to develop a whole setting approach to physical activity, audit current provision and plan a physical activity policy.

4. Getting the best from your environment Provides ideas to create enabling environments for physically active play and ideas for how to reduce sitting time.

5. Practical ideas for physically active play Ideas for planning physical activities for all stages of development from non-walkers to pre-schoolers.

6. Getting children involved Considers the principle of inclusion and how to get a balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities, as well as developing skills for encouraging different types of play.

7. Getting parents and carers involved Ideas for encouraging parent and carer support, building partnerships and promoting family physical activity beyond the setting.

One copy of Help your baby move and play every day and Help your child move and play every day leaflets which include tips and ideas for parents and carers on encouraging their children to be active every day.

One height chart for parents and carers to log their child’s height as they grow and developmental firsts as they progress.

Stickers to reward children or use on play equipment around the setting.

Six Early movers posters with key physical activity messages for use in an early years setting.

How to order

To order your copy of the Early Movers pack visit the BHF website. All of the materials are free but as a charity the BHF very much welcome and appreciate donations to help towards their costs. Suggested donation: £15 each

You can also order by ringing the BHF Orderline on 0870 600 6566 or email orderline@bhf.org.uk