16 Jan, 2015

Five simple ways to help your child get into the wild

The Guardian | Patrick Barkham | Tuesday 13 January 2015 

The Oxford Junior Dictionary may have dropped words such as ash and catkin but let’s not jettison nature for the nagging demands of technology. 

It would be hard to find a more striking example of our alienation from the natural world, and how we are denying children a relationship with wild things. This is not, however, a war of words.

Margaret Atwood, Robert Macfarlane and other writers have written to Oxford University Press in protest over the loss of nature from the lexicon of childhood. But they are not saying that cut and paste should be chopped in favour of the beech. Instead, they argue that we should teach technology to future generations as well as passing on the precise and beautiful ways in which we name and describe species beyond our own. A dandelion becomes invisible and unimportant if we are allowed to forget its name. Its world, and ours, is tragically diminished. Article